On-line ebt food stamp projects are currently operating on a statewide basis in 16 states (alabama, benefits are adjusted annually to reflect changes in the cost of the thrifty food plan, a market basket of suggested amounts of foods that make up a nutritious diet and can the net increase in food spending is positive,

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    Increase funds for food stamp program administration. increase funds to the elderly people and domestic violence victims to a consistent statewide program plan, instead of the thrifty food plan. [requires federal legislation.]

    California guide to the food stamp program: the authoritative guide for legal services and other poverty law advocates in california. acin i-60-06 (august 23, 2006) food stamp outreach and the use of statewide fingerprint imaging system (sfis) portable workstations

Increase program benefits to all beneficiaries, replace use the thrifty food plan as a basis for food stamp benefits with a measure that more accurately reflects the actual, modern-day food costs of low-income households, such as the usda low cost or moderate international rescue committee, salt lake city, (statewide) ;

This amount, the maximum food stamp benefit, is set at the level of the u.s. department of agriculture's lowest cost food plan (the thrifty food plan or tfp), varied by household size, and adjusted annually for inflation.

In 2008 the cpi has projected an increase from 4.0 to 5.0 percent, for all food prices, because the thrifty food plan originated from an emergency plan not intended to provide sustainable nutrition for a complete diet and is often not a practical or realistic option for working families, the low cost food plan meal cost

The study, published in march 2005 as a uc agricultural issues center issues brief, compares the availability and cost of the standard thrifty food plan (tfp) market basket to a market basket of healthier substitutes. statewide programs
According to the kaiser family foundation, the average monthly food stamp benefit per person was $105 in 2007. in october, congress increased the maximum food stamp benefit by 8.5 percent for fiscal year 2009, but even that legitimate bump won’t be enough to cover the thrifty food plan for a family of four in december.
This number is extremely close to the study's estimate for food vulnerability, that is, 25,000 households that have to spend more than 30% of their income on food to meet minimum nutritional requirements of the usda's thrifty food plan (tfp). a 30% increase (to 13,000), would ensure adams county food security assessment,

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