The myth of the untraceable poison. one of the most common questions i get such as arsenic, selenium, and most plants (oleander, deadly

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Untraceable poisons are used because they attract very little attention from investigators.

Doug p. lyle, md (guest blogger) one of the most common questions i get from writers is: is there a poison that can’t be found in a corpse? the answer is no.

Atlanta journal-constitution article (link below): "an untraceable poison that is twice as deadly as cobra venom" one last anecdote takes me back to high school

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Have you ever wondered what those deadly poisons you sometimes hear about on the news actually do to the human body? i saw a short news piece on tv about anthrax and

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Deadly household pois ca. a.d. 30, listed white lead on a list of poisons search another word or see list untraceable poisons on dictionary |

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