How do you cook a 10 lbs cured pre cooked ham? how long to heat up a 8lb

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A precooked ham does not have to be cooked, but will taste better if you heat it thoroughly to an internal temperature of 140°f (60°c) or so. related articles:; how long to cook two hams in the same oven; how to grill an uncured ham/pork roast; comparing southern hams and proscuitto; safely storing honey baked
Yield: 8 servings ; 2 c honey ; 1/3 c cider vinegar ; 2 ts ground cloves ; 5 lb ham; boneless ; 2 c brown sugar; packed ; 2 ts ground cinnamon ; combine all ingredients except ham, well. over low heat, heat sauce to just before boiling point. how to prepare a precooked ham?
Its a half, 10lbs precooked honey baked hamhow long do i cook it and at what temperature? how long do i put a precooked, 10lb honey backed ham in the oven for and at what temperature? 15 min. for every lb at 325

Learn how to prepare and cook a ham for easter, thanksgiving, christmas, or any other special occasion. find a complete ham cooking guide on to avoid drying out ham, cook slowly at 325ºf. allow 20 to 30 minutes per pound for ham that has not been precooked (follow directions on label for precooked hams).
The flavor of the glaze nicely permeated the meat, and despite overcooking it (up to a final temp of 170, by a cook from cambridge, i purchased a 8+ lb precooked spiral sliced ham from sam's club and warmed it as directed on the package, which took about 1 hour and 10 minutes. i then made the bourbon, molasses and pecan

Similar questions with precooked ham temperature long cook lb ham a: for an 8-10 pounder that is fully cooked - around 45 minutes

A spiral cut ham is pre-cooked and has been pre-cut into continuous slices, each of which is about 3/8-inch.  the ham still has a center bone but the pre-cutting makes it very easy to serve equal size pieces.  the pre-cutting spares the home cook the task of slicing it, which is very convenient if the ham is part of
1- 3 lb. canned ham the important thing is to cook precooked ham to an internal temperature of 140 degrees f. and an uncooked ham to 160 degrees f. to check the internal temperature go to a halfway point in the ham with a meat thermometer. when recipe (country baked ham) calls for '8# ham' - this is fulled cooked,

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