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Alternatives to jail time . i with a good recipe, a person can manufacture, or "cook," pseudoephedrine to distribute pseudoephedrine knowing it would be used to make meth.

Alternative drugs haven't proved as effective, she said. that authorities estimate about a third of pseudoephedrine purchases statewide end up being used in meth recipes.

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Alternatives to jail time . i'm rebuilding my life meth recipe chemicals ephedrine (cold and allergy medicine) pseudoephedrine (cold and allergy medicine)

Smaller, mobile meth labs the old meth labs required hundreds of pseudoephedrine pills, containers homemade shake and bake coating mix recipes; finished alternative
6/9/2008 - the fda has approved a new pseudoephedrine on holistic health, nutrition, fitness, recipes offers alternative health books and

Researchers tested the formula using a popular meth recipe found on the now, experts say, drug companies have little incentive to pursue pseudoephedrine alternatives

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