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    (oh, and just for the record… i’ve never eaten a krispy kreme doughnut, and i’m kind of proud of it, too!) actually have great donut recipe but was looking for the cream filling to make long johns. a friend mentioned usuing marshmellow cream but i was thinking on the lines of white cream most bakery’s use.

    The proprietary extruder machine was the one piece of equipment that krispy kreme wouldn't let us photograph. the extruder and the specific dough recipe are guarded trade secrets. then it gets to the filling station, where bakers inject cream, custard or one of the various fruit fillings.

    Vanilla extract, 1 tbsp. cider vinegar, 1 x recipe mocha cream filling,     (see separat try recipe krispy kreme doughnuts copycat - 51199 from this recipe has a 4.62 star rating and has been reviewed 45 times

    Recipes / custard filled chocolate iced krispy kreme doughnuts recipe (1000+) chocolate eclairs with custard filling still get away with making this basic chocolate ice cream recipe i posted a while back, it

Krispy kreme's recipe is secreted away, so i am approximating. you can experiment with doughnut dough flavors, and in case you were worried you can still pick up the day old kk's at our local walmart. but tim horton's seems to rule the day around here. must be the 18% cream in the double-doubles

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Easy cream filling (donut) recipe -- mr breakfast another recipe from the world's largest database devoted solely to breakfast (easy cream filling low-fat baked donut recipe - delicious! . dunkable treat, or need something to bring to a calorie-concious gathering, try out this low-fat alternative to the krispy kreme:

Does anyone know the recipe for the cream filling in krispy kreme donuts?

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