Does anybody know how to make masi? its peanut butter stuffed mini sticky bun dessert. i looked all over the web for the filipino recipe but to no avail. please share the recipe if you have it, i would greatly appreciate it.over a year ago

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    Welcome to a facebook page about i love cebu delicacies.

    2008 has finally arrived. will it be a good year for all of us? well, all that we can do is wait and hope for the best! and of course, trust in our age-old customs and beliefs for luck and prosperity. chinese stuff like tikoy, masi, ampao, and more are good for the ‘palihi’.

    It is a local landmark and i can’t decide if their intentional nonchalant demaeanor regarding the dowdiness of their premises is endearing or just cheap. on the one hand, you want to feel like it has been there for centuries, but on the other i love la fortuna’s masi! have you ever cooked a recipe from this blog?

A southeast asian based television food program is thinking of doing an episode on manila and street food, and they asked me to i told them i wasn’t a huge consumer of street food, this is a different show from the taste matters program that marketman appeared in a couple of weeks ago… as far as i am concerned,

Living in cebu forums: filipino foods - living in cebu forums konselba, puto cotsenta, palitaw, masi, bibingka, budbod, sikwate, salabat, etc. . drinks: mixes, recipes, & local suppliers, |-- food, grocery shopping, & restaurants

I miss eating cebuano delicacies. at this time in the afternoon we would be waiting for a manang with "nigo" on her head peddling palitaw, biko, bud-bod and my ultimate favorite, masi. her masi was huge. speaking of "masi", i have been in the hunt for a recipe for years now.

Help! need recipe for masi (cebuano delicasy). thanks?; please enjoy: masi samoa cebu lechon recipe
Lord maturan, meanwhile, is another cebuano fashion designer who sports an entrepreneurial streak (check out his story, as well as dianne's and mary's, in our hot negosyo section on page 12). since we're on the subject of entrepreneurs, i have to mention the dytian siblings-john, derek, and lorraine-who are well

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